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Welcome to Building Services

The Libraries Building Services and Inventory (LBSI) is responsible for all maintenance issues for the Texas Tech Libraries, Southwest Collection/Special Collection Library, as well as the Remote Storage Facility.

Please fill out the request form to report building issues.

How does Building Services work?

Your requests will be evaluated and prioritized by 3 categories: emergency, standard, and special.


For emergencies, which pose an immediate threat to personal health, safety and/or major damage to buildings, equipment or other property, please call us immediately at (806)742-2267 during our working hours from 8 am through 7 pm.

If someone has been injured and needs immediate medical attention, please report to Local Emergency Units at 911 and then notify us.


Most equipment repair and maintenance fall into this category. These requests will not always be done immediately – please allow up to a few days for action to be taken.


Moving furniture and/or equipment requires more time to coordinate.  After your request is submitted, you will be contacted about the details and the move will be scheduled.




  • We will not move or set up computer equipment. You may contact Libraries Technology and Management Services (LTMS) to move and/or set up computer equipment after furniture has been moved by LBSI.
  • For event space reservation, please go to the Event & Exhibit Space Reservation page, or contact the Administration/Training & Events Manager Len Markham at